Viola He is a Shanghai-born, Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist, performer, and cultural organizer. Their creative practices engage with DIY electronics,  programming, dance/movements, and various time-based media, exploring pathways towards alternative structures, systems and interfaces.

They create immersive experiences, installations, and improvisational performances using algorithmic approaches to enhance, alternate, and obfuscate audio-visual assets, investigating the contradictions of analog aesthetics and digital tools. Viola often dreams about infiltrating digital spaces with physical bodies as tools for intervention, wielding their love/hate relationship with technology to challenge the rigid infrastructures around them.

Viola is currently at School of Visual Arts, an Adjunct Faculty for MFA Interaction Design (IxD), and a Fabrication Technician at Visible Futures Lab. Viola holds a B.A. in Communication from University of Southern California, and a M.P.S. from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP).

CV available upon request.

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