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VIOLASTREAM is an interactive livestream performance where I hand control over to my audiences, who collectively vote for my actions.

Audiences have access to a webpage with embedded livestream, action choices, camera control, and a comment box. At my isolated performance space, a computer displays and reads the audiences’ inputs in real time, calculates votes and commands me to carry out the highest voted actions.

With performance artists Tehching Hsieh and Marina Abramovic in mind, I created this project to question agency, human-human, and human-computer relationships, utilizing web technologies and live streaming services to explore my body in relations to others. While the audiences act as commanders and spectators, Viola's body perform the role of the object and machine, creating a cybernetic relationship through webcam and livestream as medium.

This project was created in collaboration with David Currie.

Featured at:
xCoAx 2021
ITP Winter Show 2020

After two iterations, VIOLASTREAM 3.0 was presented and performed at 9th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X (xCoAx), 12 - 16 July, 2021. In this version, I re-designed the web interface, and added a camera mount with Arduino-controlled servo motors rotating up, down, left and right, also controlled by the audience.

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Tools: HTML, CSS, Javascrpit, p5.js, p5.speech, WebSocket
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