Everything In Its Right Place |  Performance, Creative Coding, Poetry

A time-based performance with a projected live video feed, processed and overlayed in real time. Writing and drawing on each other’s hands with melting ice, Jingyao and I speak in circles about irreversable time, traces, memories, and regrets, asking questions and not receiving answeres.

Playing with glitches in both the video processing effects, and real errors produced from live audio captioning (a Google technology), we draw correlation between computer glitches and our own immigration experiences, often being rendered as flaws in a conventionality, living in a constant stage of flux -- the result of improper data being coded properly (Manon & Temkin, Notes on Glitch, 2011).

“Nothing;s going to melt. Everything in it’s right place.”

This project was created in collaboration with Jingyao Shao, a vision emerged out of shared anxiety and performed with love.

I’ve been thinking about…
irreversible change
migrating across borders
heritage that follows, and customs we leave behind

I’ve been thinking about…
our inability to express
incapable of changing course
being bilingual, and losing languages in both

I’ve been thinking about…
trace, linage
memories that left an imprint
What does this picture look like to you?

What does it look like to you?

Tools: TouchDesigner, Ableton, p5.js, OBS, Google speech-to-text API

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